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Midsomer Triathlon (Sprint) 1st Sept 2019


Summary of Race Day Information 2019   Full details and Start List here mid August                                

The Race Venue is Midsomer Sports Centre, Gullock Tyning, Midsomer Norton nr Bath BA3 2SY.

Gullock Tyning will be closed so please park at South Road Car Park which is free and next to the venue.

There are showers and lockers (£1 refundable) at the Sports Centre.

The following information must be read and the instructions followed on the day as they include Race Rules. A time penalty or DQ may be imposed if rules are broken. As we are a novice friendly event, a warning to rectify the infringement will be given first except for failing to obey the highway code which will be a DQ

Please withdraw if you are unwell or injured.

No in ear media can be used during the Triathlon. A mobile phone can be carried for emergency use only, any other use will incur a penalty.

It is your responsibility to use a roadworthy Bike and Helmet, you will not be allowed to race if we think there is a safety risk.

Please arrive at least an hour before your start time to allow for registration and setting up your bike and race kit in Transition.

Registration is in the Sports Centre. Your Bike must be numbered before entering Transition so you need to Register and collect numbers before setting up in Transition. The Transition area  is in the Sports Centre  Car Park.

Your Race Number can be worn on a Race Belt with the number showing on the back during the bike and on the front during the run. If you are pinning your number, please pin to the front for both the  Bike and Run. You do not need to wear the number for the Swim. You'll be given a Timing Chip at the swim start on a  velcro band which must be worn on your LEFT ankle please. The chip is worn during the swim, bike and run. It will activate when you start so do not worry crossing timing mats when setting up. If you are in a Relay, pass the chip to your Team mate in Transition by your Bike.

Transition is in the Sports Centre car park. Transition is enclosed by barriers. Only Triathletes showing their race number or Transition Marshals may enter this area.

British Triatlon rules no longer allow boxes in Triathlon so please use a soft sided bag for your kit, eg a rucksack or 'bag for life'.

You'll be informed of your personal start time one week before the event. The start is in waves with lanes of  3 or 4 swimmers. Report to the start 15 minutes before your start time to put on your chip and to hear the briefing including your lane and position. All Relay members must attend the briefing. You'll be given a swimming hat. Remember to bring your goggles to poolside and wear your timing chip on your left ankle.

This year the Swim Start and Finish  is at the Shallow end.

During the swim please be respectful of other swimmers. You may overtake if there is space to do so, if not then touch the foot of the swimmer in front who will then let you pass at the end of the length. Our marshals will aid you by telling you when you have 2 lengths left to swim, however you are responsible for swimming the correct number of lengths. Exit the water and turn left to head to Transition through the door at the Shallow End.

At Swim to Bike transition, remember you must fasten your helmet before taking your bike from the racking.

Wheel your bike from transition to the mount area on the road, then begin your  cycle. Do not ride your Bike in Transition.

Please check out the  Bike Route on the course.

You must obey the highway code during the cycle, this is vital for your safety and the safety of others, the roads are not closed so will be  open to other users, please ride safely. The route has a sign and marshal at all turns.

No Drafting is allowed and is considered cheating (riding behind the wheel of another rider)

There is a compulsory footdown stop at the bottom of Welton Road.

After the cycle, dismount in the dismount zone, wheel your bike back to transition. Do not remove your helmet until your bike is racked.

Run out of transition and follow the run route, you must complete 2 laps, you'll be given a wristband after the first lap. There are signs

and marshals at turning points. Take care on the off road terrain which could be slippery if wet.

At the Finish, collect your T Shirt  and grab a drink. Please collect your kit and Bike from Transition promptly.

RELAY TEAMS - All members can cross the finish line. The swimmer and cyclist can join the runner to run over the Finish Line together.

Awards will be given after the last finisher. Trophies and Prizes are given to the fastest 3 males and females overall.  Age group winners and runners up will be awarded Trophies, and third place if there are more than 8 racing in the group.

Results will be on our Race Timers website soon after the last finisher and will also be uploaded to this website.


You are welcome to contact us at any time.

Race Director Ger Wood  or tel. 07599923909.  BTF level 2 Tri Coach. ASA Level 2 Swim Coach. PT Level 3

Course Manager Adrian Wood

First Aid Advisor Sheila Mitchard

BTF Technical advisor John Milkins

Race Timing K2 Sports  Martin Foster

Sports Centre / race advisor  James Purchase

Race advisor Ken Few